Thrissur – Cultural Destination To Cherish

Thrissur also known as Trichur is the cultural capital city of Kerala. It symbolises cultural, religious and traditional inclinations throughout the history.  The fourth largest city spread around Thekkinkadu Maidan owns the famous Vadakkumnathan Temple. Other than historical and religious events, the place is known for the popular temple festival, Thrissur Pooram, which attracts masses worldwide. In addition to the array of festivals, historical glimpses, spiritual hubs, the city has more to offer the visitors and leaves them with lifetime memories to treasure. Here are few must-visit places at Thrissur.

Chettuva Backwaters

For all those who are confused whether Thrissur has backwater destinations, here is the answer. Yes, the city offers mesmerising backwater cruises with all its elegance. Chettuva originates at Enamakkal Lake and merges with the Arabian Sea. The Lake is a famous backwater location and one of the sought after destination by film-makers. The picturesque landscape dotted with mangroves, islands, coconut groves, Chinese fishing nets, flocks of migratory birds, fort and estuary offers complete serenity from the bustling city life, a haven to romance with your love or to enjoy with your family. Enammavekayal (backwaters), another backwater destination of Thrissur enchants tourists with sights like fishermen throwing the net to canals, catching pearl-spotted fish, crabs, shrimps and prawns.

Peechi Dam

Peechi Dam, located 23kms from Thrissur district is one of the places of interest among visitors, especially during the monsoon season as the shutters of the dam opens. It falls as the main irrigation project for the villages around the city, built across the beautiful Manali River; dam serves the water requirements of the surrounding areas and paddy fields. The destination is one of the idyllic picnic spots. The reservoir provides boating experience along the serene lake and if you are lucky, you may spot wild tuckers along the banks of Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary.

Vadakkumnatha Temple

One of the oldest temples of Kerala located at the heart of Thrissur city. Situated within Tekkinkadu (Forest of Teak trees), the Kshetram (temple) stands amidst huge stone wall covering an area of 8-9 acres. The ancient Hindu temple Vadakkumnatha displays many decorative art forms and mural paintings, signifies the classical architectural elegance of traditional Kerala. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva (Lord Vadakkumnathan).  It is the venue of the renowned Thrissur Pooram. The peaceful environment and hassle-free stroll seeing the deities offers a soothing feel for the devotees.

Bible Tower

The tallest tower in India and Asia is one of the major attractions of Thrissur city. Adorned with exquisite wood and brass carvings, mural paintings, canvas paintings, stained glasses, terra cotta paintings, oil paintings, the bell tower of PuthenPalli (Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores) is a spellbinding elegant monument of Kerala. The tall tower stands at 260 feet behind two towers which is of 140 feet height.  The view from atop the tower is beyond words to explain, it offers splendid sight of the city at a stretch of 18kms. There is a passenger lift which takes people to 160 feet and reaches the viewer’s platform, and from there one need to climb the stairs to the top to get the glimpse of the entire city. A red cross is built on top of the Bible tower, the highlight of Thrissur city.

Chavakkad Beach

Located at the Western part of Thrissur district along the coast of Arabian Sea is the enchanting destination, the Chavakkad beach. The popular beach destination is an ideal spot for relaxaion on the sands and witnesses the famous spectacle, Azhimukam, the point where river meets the sea. On the other side of the beach lies the vast expanse of Ramachapadam (Ramacham – Ayurvedicherb, Padam – field). The unspoiled beaches, Chavakkad and Nattika are leisure retreats to spend with your loved ones.

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