Attractions You Need To Consider When Visiting Merida, Venezuela


Merida is not an often considered destination by tourists from around the world but you may want to consider it since there are so many interesting opportunities that are available for people of different tastes. You can easily enjoy what this city has to offer, from the moment you land at the El Vigia airport (which you can learn more about on this page).


Important Places Of Interest

You will want to first consider the Plaza Bolivar. This is a meeting place for locals that is really popular for the concerts it holds. The location is spectacular in terms of architecture. You will be able to see the Libertador statue and the Cathedral of Merida. Tourists should know that the cathedral was a replica of the one in Toledo, Spain and there are many churches that are really interesting in Merida.

Besides churches, there are also various parks that can be visited in Merida. You will want to check out those like Albarregas, La Isla Park and Las Heroinas. 3 parks that are particularly attractive for tourists are Los Aleros, La Venezuela de Antier and La Montana de los Suenos. The last one is a movie park and tourists can actually act like superstars in TV programs or movies.

One of the tourist attractions that is highly popular is the cablecar. This is great because Merida is a really high city and you get to be on the longest of all the cablecars in the world (12.5 kilometers). As you can easily imagine, the views from the top are tremendous and you will want to have a camera with a lot of memory with you.

Surrounding Cities

Since you are in Merida, you will want to also visit some of the surrounding cities. If possible, try to visit during the La Fiesta Brava celebration. There are many bull fighters that come and the festivities are great. Alternatively, go to Los Chorros de Milla since a local park there is tremendous.

On the whole, Merida is a city you have to consider. This is actually a great tourist pole with various attractions and great accommodations.

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