Don’t forget your toothbrush and other holiday tips


Holiday. The very word itself might be enough to bring a smile to your face. Trips away from home provide the perfect opportunity to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation, and explore new and exciting places. There’s a knack to making the most of your vacations though. With this in mind, here are a few top tips to help ensure your next trip is one to remember – and for all the right reasons.

Spend a little time on the serious stuff

OK, so the thought of filling in forms might not exactly get your heart pounding with excitement, but if you want your trip to run smoothly, you’ll need to spend some time on the serious holiday stuff – like making sure your passport’s still in date and checking whether you need any visas to get to your in...

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Bekal – A Site Of Attractions


The Northern most part of Kerala, the Kasaragod district, is a site of attraction among the tourists. The land conspicuous for gods, historic structures, backwaters, sun-kissed beaches, palm groves, adventure activities, rivers and nature’s haunt is one of the hunted locations of God’s Own Country. Located on the beautiful seashore of Pallikara village, the small town is a wonder with a huge keyhole shaped fort on the sandy beach overlooking the expanses of the blue ocean – a sight to behold. One can see themesmerising Arabian Sea and huge ships anchoring from the tall observation tower of the fort, the view is simply mind blowing.

The village town is situated 12 km from the Kasargod district...

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Attractions You Need To Consider When Visiting Merida, Venezuela


Merida is not an often considered destination by tourists from around the world but you may want to consider it since there are so many interesting opportunities that are available for people of different tastes. You can easily enjoy what this city has to offer, from the moment you land at the El Vigia airport (which you can learn more about on this page).

Important Places Of Interest

You will want to first consider the Plaza Bolivar. This is a meeting place for locals that is really popular for the concerts it holds. The location is spectacular in terms of architecture. You will be able to see the Libertador statue and the Cathedral of Merida...

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What vaccinations do I need?


International travel is now quicker and more convenient than ever before. In a matter of hours, you can fly to a dizzying array of destinations across the planet. This is good news for anyone with a sense of wanderlust. However, because globe hopping is now so simple, it can be tempting to become a little complacent concerning the health risks that exist in other parts of the world.

Highlighting this point, travellers regularly return to the UK suffering from diseases that they contracted while overseas. For example, each year around 1,750  people return to Britain with malaria. This disease is spread by mosquitoes that carry plasmodium parasites and it is found in over 100 countries, mainly in tropical regions...

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Top 5 Lakes of Tibet

Tibet, the plateau with the largest number of alpine lakes in China, covers totally 23,800 square kilometers lakes, representing thirty percent of national lake resources. Overall, there are more than one thousand lakes, big or small, three of which exceed one thousand square kilometers, namely Namtso, Siling lake and Zhari Namco. Geographically, lakes in Tibet consist of endorheic lakes and exorheic lakes. The former were formed by continuous crustal movement and were scattered mainly in the north and south of Tibet whereas the latter came into existence as a result of mudslide, volcanic eruption and melted snow or glaciers.

To ordinary tourists, the top three visited lakes are Namtso,( the biggest lake in Tibet), and Yamdrok Tso ( one of the most sacred lakes in Tibet) and Manasarovar ...

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